Shayla Finds Support at Southside Pregnancy Center

As a Christian, Shayla never thought she would consider having an abortion. But the day she walked into Southside Pregnancy Center, she felt she had no other choice. Abortion was the answer.

Shayla’s hands were full. She was already a single mother parenting a one-year-old. She had growing concerns about the relationship with the father of this baby. She had limited support from friends and family, and daycare costs were burdensome.  Additionally, Shayla had dreams of her own. She wanted to go back to school and pursue a career in the medical field, but feared she would never reach her own goals. These realities convinced Shayla, there was no way she could have a second child.

Shayla’s concerns were very real and troubling to her, something we at Southside Pregnancy Center never take lightly. During her visit, Shayla shared with us that God brought her through some tough times during her first pregnancy. We were able to connect with her on a spiritual level and encourage her that the same God who helped her then was the same God who could help her now.

After Shayla saw the ultrasound of her unborn child, and after learning about the resources available to her at our Family Life Resource Center, Shayla told us she was keeping her baby!