To carry our message forward and to make change in our culture, we need many hands.

Thankfully, we’ve been blessed with an astute team, eager donors, and gracious volunteers who are willing to promote the sanctity of life in many different settings.

A few months back, I had the opportunity to make a “pilgrimage” to EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) where two video segments were recorded for the At Home with Jim & Joy show. I had the opportunity to talk about how Vitae’s research has positively influenced the Pro-Life Movement and how the right message has the power to change our culture.

To increase our reach on an even greater scale, we’re excited to announce that we’ve formed a National Outreach Team. On the next page you will get acquainted with those inside (and outside) of our organization that are truly passionate about Vitae and our research. The National Outreach Team is comprised of experts on our research who know the impact research has when applied to strategy. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to carry the message forward to pregnancy centers, church communities, legislators, and others in this way.

Evil has found a foothold in our culture, but we have put on the armor of God, which provides us with hope. We know that together we can change the culture and build a future where abortion is unthinkable.
With our research and your help, we can change hearts and minds.

Brandy Meeks

P.S.  We need as many hands as possible to carry the message of life forward. Please consider taking action today to join with us to protect women and babies from the grips of the abortion industry.